September 23rd, 2013


В Аделаиде учат трахаться панд

Уже третий год подряд. Эффект ноль. По рассылке приехало следующее сообщение

The 2013 Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda breeding season has concluded with Funi coming into season over the weekend. When Funi’s short breeding window of opportunity opened Wang Wang was introduced for natural mating. After several unsuccessful mating attempts, reproductive scientists, keepers and veterinarians alongside a reproductive specialist from the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda at Wolong prepared for artificial insemination, however it’s believed that the attempt was unsuccessful.

Panda breeding is difficult at the best of times and Wang Wang is still a young male. It is anticipated that as Wang Wang matures his ability to breed will increase and he showed promising dominant behaviours during his introduction with Funi.

Whilst it's disappointing that this year’s attempt to breed Giant Pandas at Adelaide Zoo hasn’t eventuated, the events leading up to this have provided valuable data and information that will assist breeding programs for this endangered species.

Both pandas are recovering well and we look forward to the next breeding season.

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