May 2nd, 2014


Апять WOI

Ггаждани и понаихи Сиднея! Все помнят, что в это воскресенье - паравозеги самолетики? WOI в Воллонгонге, шабаш летающего металлолома,

Погоду вроде как обещают приличную.

Авось не засосало

трамвай как открыли так и закрыли, второй день автобусики шуршуршур

сплошной госпромцветмет. Полесов был прав, Полесов всегда прав!


In Sydney's inner west, the extension of Sydney’s light rail line to Dulwich Hill suffered its first significant failure, barely a month after opening,

Services between Dulwich Hill and Lilyfield were suspended on Thursday morning after a power failure at a substation.

The operator of the line, Transdev, was not able to say when the extension would re-open.

In a statement, the light rail implementation manager at Transdev Sydney Tony Ralph said the company suspected a "software failure" was preventing the Lewisham West substation from operating.

“Due to the substation’s location on the network we are unable to operate light rail services beyond Lilyfield," Mr Ralph said. It is unlikely the line will open on Friday morning.