February 7th, 2020


Не успели догореть

И особенно спалить Канберру со всем содержимым, как уже поплыли!

HEAVY RAINFALL, which may lead to FLASH FLOODING and RIVERINE FLOODING, is possible for parts of the Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast, eastern parts of the Northern Tablelands and parts of the Hunter today. From later Friday afternoon or evening, the focus shifts further south to include the Sydney Metropolitan, Illawarra and eastern parts of the Central Tablelands (including the Blue Mountains) forecast districts.

И таки да, льетЪ!

METAR YSBK 062330Z AUTO 11010KT 9999 // OVC071 20/18 Q1020 RMK

То есть уже 5см налило и успешно продолжает. И завтра продолжит. Опять самалет не летает, только жаба радуется.