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Планета пропала, Галактика в опасности

Кабельная регистрашка (ну должны же они хоть что-то делать, кроме как по тридцать баксов в год собирать?) разослала этакое письмо про то, как все хреново и как не надо делать плохо, а надо делать хорошо. Особенно вчепятлили несколько пассажиков оттуда


Unplanned outages often occur due to accidental unplugging of a cable or the emergency power is accidentally turned off. Building owners do not read instructions left by installers and don't know how to operate their own buildings properly. The cabling industry is increasingly being asked to make things more fool proof.

Building owners need to know what is where in their cabling and server infrastructure to protect their IT assets. A survey of data managers recently taken indicated 22% took a day to find a defective file server and 20% reported it taking longer than a day.


(про домашнюю автоматику) To achieve this structured cabling needs to be able to support this IBT along with hundreds of sensors operating as part of the control system connected by cable and wirelessly. These sensors will need to harvest their own energy to reduce the need for battery replacement. This may come from light and movement.

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