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реклама для майтов

Очередной сосучий опрос, на этот раз по теме - про ручной электроинструмент. Спрашивают, "а слышали ли вы эту рекламу?" (нет, конечно, я вообще никакой рекламы не слышу).

There’s nothing like the feelin' of a good upgrade.

Like the time your ex-missus moved out and took Princess the Chihuaha with her, and you replaced her with a purebred Staffy, named 'Tank'.

And I’ve got a feelin' there's a few Chihuaha's in that toolbox of yours over there that need turnin' into tanks.

Upgrade your power on the worksite with [Brand]'s beastly 2 piece brushless kit. 18 volt Hammer Drill and Impact Driver, two 6Ah batteries and charger in a hard case for 549 bucks at Bunnings Warehouse.

[Brand] Powertools. Made of Power.

****** и вторая

Always wished you had a powerful chest?

Well put down the protein shake and get off the pec-deck, Arnie, because right now at Bunnings Warehouse the [Brand] Four Piece Brushless Kit is just 999 bucks.

It comes with an impact driver, grinder, hammer drill and the new 7 ¼" circular saw, plus two 5 amp batteries and a charger, all loaded in a ute-ready box.

Now that’s an impressive chest!

And to go brushless, you don’t have to wear spandex or singlets with arm-holes down to your waist.

[Brand] Power Tools. Made of power.


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