Рассадник сумчатой русофобии - AntonTsAU (antontsau) wrote,
Рассадник сумчатой русофобии - AntonTsAU

В Аделаиде отжжыгают

Из зоопарка, где я членом, рассылочка приехала

Adelaide Zoo will be closed to the public for the remainder of the day as South Australian Police (SAPOL) continue to investigate an attempt to break into an ATM attached to Adelaide Zoo early this morning.

At approximately 3:30am last night, unknown individuals attempted to gain access to the ATM located at the front of the Adelaide Zoo entrance. SAPOL have advised explosives were used to try and gain access to the ATM and they are continuing their investigation into the materials used.

Весело живут, зожжыгательно.
Tags: Аделаида, куда смотрит правительство

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