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Разориться на паравозегах!

Из музея приехало пустьмо

Dear THNSW Members,

As you may be aware, the Australian Railway Historical Society - ACT Division (ARHS ACT) resolved this week to place their organisation in to voluntary administration.

As a result of this decision, ARHS ACT have requested THNSW take storage of two steam locomotive assets - locomotives 6029 and 3016.

In the interests of the greater good and spirit of the rail heritage community, THNSW has taken steps to support this request and have offered storage for locomotives 6029 and 3016 at Thirlmere until such time ARHS ACT have finalised their internal affairs.

The storage of these assets on ARHS ACT’s behalf is purely being undertaken for the purposes of safe guarding these invaluable and majestic steam locomotives.

In addition, diesel locomotives 4403 and 4807 - both being NSW State Heritage Assets, will be returned to THNSW in our capacity as Master Custodian of the state owned collection, and stored at the Large Erecting Shop Eveleigh. Again this is a temporary measure being undertaken for the purposes of safeguarding these items.

Our thoughts remain with the members, volunteers and staff of ARHS ACT during this very difficult time. We will continue to keep THNSW members informed of developments if and when they occur as appropriate.

Ну то есть канберрские чинили-чинили свой Гаррат (6029), да так и дочинились, денег нетЪ. В результате этот самый Гаррат торжественно переезжает в сиднейский музей всем на радость.

И наверное будет возможность прикупить вагончик-другой, если кому очень надааа!
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