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Ну вас всех нафиг, поехал я опять к слону в Даббу

там правда обещают 37 градусов, ну ничего страшного.

И да, чтоб два раза не вставать. Только что письмо пришло - в аделаидском зоопарке опять жертвы распложденчества. У них орангутанша сдохла, эхзалетная при родах.

Our hearts are broken to share the news our beloved Sumatran Orangutan Karta tragically passed away last night.

Karta went into labour at around 6pm yesterday and gave birth to what is believed to be a stillborn infant. Tragically, just hours later she passed away.

The exact cause of death will not be known until we complete a full post-mortem.

Everyone at Adelaide Zoo is deeply saddened by this loss, which marks a heartbreaking end to an unexpected pregnancy.

Karta's pregnancy was not planned and she was on contraception, but nature intervened and she fell pregnant.

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