Рассадник сумчатой русофобии - AntonTsAU (antontsau) wrote,
Рассадник сумчатой русофобии - AntonTsAU

Слона родили

Из Таронги пишут

Taronga is delighted to announce the birth of a healthy Asian Elephant calf at Taronga Zoo Sydney.
The male calf was born at 1.35am on Friday 26th May after a pregnancy that lasted approximately 22 months. Labour was short and without problems, with the calf standing on its feet five minutes after birth and began suckling just before 3am.

Закину-ка им сто баксов, они тут как раз бегали попрошайничали на слонов...

Tags: Сидней, жывотное, мелкие домашние питомцы

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