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Летающий цирк открывает новые горизонты

Свалилось по рассылке от баронов (ну, оно мне-то разумеется ни в анзак, мне не то что ендорсмент делать а и до просто лицензии еще как до Китая раком)


Hi Everyone,
Joel and I are very please to announce that Red Baron has expanded the business by purchasing an Aerial Advertising company!

What does this mean for you?

1. We would be very happy offer our services to your company or to you personally. You can learn by visiting: www.FlyByAds.com.au

2. We’re looking for more pilots to be training up for Banner Tow this summer!

So if you’re looking to get your banner tow endorsement, Joel will be running the course on Nov 13th - Nov 17th.

The course theory and ground component will be at Red Baron HQ at Bankstown Aerodrome and the flight component at Camden Airport. It will also include hours as the 2nd pilot on a Banner Tow job, followed by employment opportunity as one of our Banner Tow pilots.


Похоже, что маньяковеселье там просто безграничное. Перспективы натурально цирковые.

Tags: а как тот мамонт летает, дети и придурки, майты на прогулке

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