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А вот кстате про еропланчеги

Прямо из нашего сарая (sydney seaplanes) один, как сообщают, расколотился 31го числа

Preliminary facts and circumstances as they are believed to be as at 6.00pm on 31 December 2017:
At around 3.00pm this afternoon, a DHC-2 Beaver Seaplane, VH-NOO, operated by Sydney Seaplanes was flying in the vicinity of Jerusalem Bay (near Cottage Point).
It is understood that there was one pilot and five passengers on the aircraft on a return flight to Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour.
The sequence of events leading up to the accident are not yet understood, however following the impact with the water, the aircraft is reported to have sunk rapidly.

Ух щас будет тряска и вздрюч всех причастных... как бы ни задело, хоть бароны к сипланам и прямого отношения не имеют.
Tags: Сидней, а как тот мамонт летает, все хреново, майты на прогулке, хай мать его тек

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