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Пропала планета

СЯУ из камментов, что оказывается


manufacturer AG Barr has decided to halve that to make Irn Bru less vulnerable to new anti-obesity regulations and higher taxes. That followed a British government decision to impose a levy on makers of sugary drinks.

Вот так всегда. Начинается с борьбы за права гомосеков и негров, а кончается полным пиздецом и ирнбрюевкой на подсластителях.

Впрочем там и с другой стороны баррикад такие же пидорасы

"It's ... well known to alleviate the effects of a hangover and is many a persons' craving, saviour or go-to drink after a night on the tiles," he said."I think to deny people in that condition their crutch would be a crime."

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