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Все пересаживаемся на танки! Нигры в городе!

Свеженькое, мня.


A man who allegedly caused a fatal catastrophic pile-up on Sydney's M4 has spent a second night behind bars after he was refused bail in a NSW court.

Irishman Francis Shanley, 36, died in the crash involving at least eight cars and a truck at the Church Street off-ramp in Mays Hill on Thursday morning.

Francis Omigie, 53, was on Friday charged with dangerous driving occasioning death and other offences and on Saturday was refused bail in Parramatta Bail Court.

Magistrate George Zdenkowski on Saturday said he refused bail on the basis that Omigie allegedly failed to stop and render assistance after the "horrific" crash and then sought to evade police.

Court documents allege Omigie applied "harsh and unnecessary braking to a motor vehicle, while steering across three lanes of traffic" before the pile-up and then allegedly drove away.

Mr Shanley's ute was struck by a truck carrying beer kegs and the 36-year-old died at the scene.

Omigie's lawyer Eiad Diyab said his client - who migrated to Australia from Nigeria two years ago - was quite distressed about the incident.

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