Рассадник сумчатой русофобии - AntonTsAU (antontsau) wrote,
Рассадник сумчатой русофобии - AntonTsAU

Срать в лифте запрещается!

Управдом разослал смс по жильцам

@All Dear residents, I can’t believe I am sending this text out however we had someone in the building poop 💩 and leave it in B1 basement cages area. Defecation in public is not allowed & is against the law.... this is what toilets 🚽 are for. This is a completely unacceptable behaviour especially during this time where we are all trying to practice our best cleanliness and hygiene. Regardless, of the current situation it is not acceptable to do this and subject your neighbours and other residents to such a scenario. Issues like this are creating delays in us being able to keep the building up to standards especially with the increased disinfecting efforts we are doing. Your health and well being is our number one priority but we need your support at all times.

Дожили. Кетаезник такой кетаезник. Надо будет камер в три слоя наставить и ток к металлическим деталям подвести.

Tags: давить!, дом, понаихи

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